“Setsuna had assigned teams to hunt for Orphero and I, the last two known at large seraphim. They didn’t know that Orphero…had fallen five years before.”
“I was in the abandoned research dome-complex MachG-007. It is far out, in american territory of mars, hours from the metropolis of Revere (new boston). There must have been someone or something that had glimpsed the light of my wings as I flew there 2 years earlier, and he had followed the lead against all other odds. Came alone without his team since they thought it was stupid. They expected it was just a gang outpost or taken over as an illegal drug operation .”
“He found me. He must have relayed it back, that no one else came. We stayed there together for months while he convinced me to return with him and to trust him.”
“He was owned by setsuna, and did their bidding….but he was a practical man. He knew that without the protection of a large corporation, I would find no peace and it would only be a matter of time. Maybe decades, but I would either die a fugitive or go mad…there were no other options alone. It was as much a mercy, a proof that he admire me, that he worked hard to ensure I would find a haven of some sort to heal.”
9:01 PM “Someplace taht could give me the ability to occassionally fly…and they woudl ask less for the aid then any other.”
9:02 PM “Alone, I could only fly once every few years…..or it risked too much to be seen and recognized.”

“It was Jennar that named me.”
Sarah: he would smile
and open his eyes
“It is so coarse”
9:09 PM “But it suits you”
me: “He thought it was very…modern and comic book.”
“Call a thing what it is.”

“Did he ever call you Dorian?”
“Had you found that out yet”
me: “No, he called me Tsubasa only.”
9:13 PM “Purposeful, I think, that I should live in the present first and formost and make a life before dredging or worrying about the rest”
Sarah: “Were you black and gold when he found you?”
9:14 PM the Pittsburgh model
me: “Yes.”
Sarah: “When did you turn white?”
9:15 PM me: “It was an early modification I asked for from the Setsuna designers….something they could manage at their level of expertise.”
Sarah: “Oh…I thought your Chi had bleached you”
me: The wings would shift to gold
Sarah: ::naive of me::
me: gold and black
Sarah: he would touch the black feathers
thinking it looked all wrong
9:16 PM follow the gradient up
finger walking through them
me: “Movania was white and gold. She was beautiful….”
Sarah: “She was the one in my dream”
me: “The public never saw her.”


どくがんりゅう の 軍記物語 Nalga Nalga