Babylonian Knight of Norway, Mecha Pilot for Hideo to Demodocus


A tall, reedy woman with European strong-features and fluffy icey hair would come up to him
she is in a plug suit. she’s like….170lbs and 6’6"

“From Buskefjord, on mars. Its a part of the Kongeriket Norge. Ah, Kingdom. I was a knight in the house Oldenburg.”

“Every human thought and deed is infected with sin and sinful motives. Because of this, all humanity deserves eternal damnation in hell. But it is through god and acceptance of all of god’s grace and teachings and forgiveness that we will find forgiveness.”

“The Church of Norway is protestant…Lutheran. I have heard he is Lutheran.”

“My kingdom declared neutrality to the decisions of Mars….it closed its borders and allowed us all to escape to Babylon.”

“I love King Haakon very much for his bravery.”

for the knights of Oldenburg, there were both educational and fitness training standards…and specific appearance standards for media purposes.
“So we all have this same blonde hair, of the same cut. All must be above 6’5”, all thin so that wearing plate armor does not overbulk the shape of the body."

“No, but I was in the knighthood for three years. "
“Two of my comrades were in my training.”
“I do not mind. I am twenty-nine.”

Hanne died trying to protect the retreat of hideo and the Demodocus scientists from an attack by a Cherubim. The Cherubim entered into a Flame-of-Heaven attack sphere and blasted directly through the cockpit of her mech with a critical hit.


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