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  • Callisto Satellite

    a sovereign state, de jure and de facto, something of a Lutus island of gambling, mercenaries....well...It is a Mos Eisley. It is, at least, independent of Lifetech control. and mostly indifferent to Lifetech as well. Amakusa has gone here after the …

  • Brahma Satelllite

    A politically neutral location, it is a large satellite community that acts as a meeting place for the Confederate Nations of Mars, the Association of Stars(satellites, and the Earth's Council of Peers. Ambassadors and junior ambassador programs meet …

  • Okkyo

    The primary Undercity beneath Neo Tokyo), it is sprawling, busy and dangerous. Rana had to transport/navigate Damocles through this region during the mission to retake him and Tsubasa from Setsuna.

  • Josoka

    The primary undercity beneath ShinOsaka, this has been the most frequented undercity of in-character experience. Hideo and party spent a good deal of time traveling through here and intermittently through its suburbs during the extraction missions to …