Originally met at Saijo Inari, 10/28/07

be aware of another presence approaching
It would feel piercing and cold as high winds on old mountain tops. Two priests would appear at his side, helping a youth that he would guess, on looks, was his own age
The man wears a blindfold of neat red cloth, a white fox embroidered over one eye
6:55 AM beneath the bottoms of the blindfold, he would see scars spidering down

The next thing to strike him, behind the screen of teh man’s heian long black hair, would be a very distinct, cloudy white third eye on his forhead. It is formed perfectly, and open, though looks blind from the pure milk colour of it
6:57 AM His hands, as the monks helped to place them on Hideo’s chest, he would notice are gnarled and thin, bone hands like that of a man three times his age, and teh nails are white and sharp
his touch would feel cold, and his hands
would feel icey as well
He would be in priesty-ish clothes
7:00 AM He would lean down, knowing where hideo is now, bowing over him properly
He would open his mouth, but the words would be clouds like incense
7:06 AM Hideo woudl feel each like a thunder crash in his chi

.He was not born, I think, with great constitution….as much as he was born so strange."
“They named him ‘Yokai’ when they introduced him. He was brought from far north, a shrine in hokkaido of no note. "
“They said he was born of human parents, but that island is still devastated by the chemicals and waste of the wars during the 2500’s, so he suffers the mutations of it.”
“His parents gave him to the Shinto sects as a child, they said. He has been a priest his whole life.”

His cheeks are higher, with a facial shape that comes to a more tapered chin (less moon-faced) then traditional beauty , so similar to mansai nomura that way. His lips are full, but more red then hideo would be used to seeing in a japanese man
8:02 AM The blindfold covers the shape of hsi two eyes, the third looks so perfectly shaped to where it should be that it could be a sciencefiction make-up prop
or like the face of a bronze idol


どくがんりゅう の 軍記物語 Nalga Nalga