ex - Undercity Lord of White Noise, the restless ghost of Katakura Kojuro


If wishes were food then the Undercities of Mars would have set up a co-op trade franchise in the overworld decades before, but still he couldn’t help imagine what life could have been with stimpaks even fractionally as effective as the Babylon case he’d gotten from Chen. Seconds after a diffusion he could be as aware and functioning as he had been fifteen years ago. Chen was mercy on a lotus, whatever well-deserved trouble he gave to Yuuki.

The sickness had started almost immediately. Recollections from shadowpuppet years of adults against dumpsters and alley walls when he’d first skirted sewers and the abandoned maintenance routes as a child had clarified as mirrors to his current covert expulsions down the Lord’s Private off the old Station Master Office.



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