Sean Procter

Son and Heir to a large share-holders portion of Proctor &Gamble


Best friends with Justin Courant since 7th grade, but his early application to Junior Ambassador went through and he left the summer between junior and senior year for the Brahma satellite. After that and through college they talked on the phone a lot, sometimes on the video phone. They were going to try to catch each others’ college graduations.

Sean did not become a medical doctor, but he did go into materials chemistry and get his PhD.


They played together on their high school rugby team, both starters despite being only being juniors.

“We were both the starting centres….I was Inside and he was Outside Centre. Practice had been pretty grueling, and he and I stayed after to put everything away. I was the team captain, he was vice-captain. I’d finished my shower first, and had gone to the lockers to finish getting dried off.”

“I had looked back before I left, you know…casual and not really looking, just to check on how close he was to being done too. He had a bike, and we rode together to school and back usually.”

“He had been rinsing, so I figured he wouldn’t be long behind me.”

“I had finished drying and he wasn’t out yet, so I picked up my sport oil I was putting on my muscles and went back to the shower to make sure he hadn’t fallen or anything”

“He hadn’t….he had his forehead against the wall, the water running down his back and ….was masturbating.”

“I thought….I don’t know really….but I crossed the showers, even though I was dry and in my towel. I came up behind him and took him in my arms….he froze at first, then ….we started kissing, slid down at some point to the floor, out of the direct water. We used my towel for a pillow and the sports oil.” :::that made it interesting. that stuff was like icy hot….it was really kinky:::

“With your friend, did you go both ways, or was one of you top?”

“Both ways..we were at the school until ….gosh….8:30”

“Sometimes we kissed staying over….after that. We were often at each other’s house. Both of us instigated at times. It was always intense. "

Sean Procter

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