The salvaged Seraph


Serge Townsend

Orphero’s would have now he had been a missionary
disappeared in 3468, 3 years before the start of teh seraphim project
10:29 AM Sarah: which brand of
me: a member of the Peace Corp
Sarah: “I wonder if he still believes…”
::would it be enough to bypass his ownership logs?::
::but this man, he is probably long obliterated::
::Dorian is a mere shred of what is Tsubasa::
10:30 AM me: he woudl have been doing work in one of the poor, sketchy, deindustrialized zones of mars
Sarah: “Orphero was one of you…not a Jesuit, but a missionary”
me: and the village he was in kidnapped him and sold him to the burgeoning cyborg industry
Sarah: what you get
they want money, not Jesus
10:31 AM me: then as a whole pretended they didn’t knwo what happenede
dbut it wasn’t until some two missionaries later that the pattern was figured out
Sarah: so sad
10:32 AM me: there woudl be conjecture that he was just in stasis pod, traded around bought and sold for those three years
Sarah: ::if we said that Christ owned him, the demon would be angry all the time::
me: since there’d be no other records until he showed up in the seraphim project
Sarah: ::arenty they already though?::
10:33 AM ::not worth risking the demon tipping the scales though. Still…it means that more of him may be in accord now, human soul, saint, and angel a solid triad. He and Hypparian were the most stable::
10:34 AM ::I wonder if it has anything to do with who they were in life or if its all about which artifact they have::
::dorian was a very chill man::
orgies with the band
10:35 AM me: He was a college graduate in Socialogy with a minor in art history, named Serge Townsend
Sarah: “Serge.”
10:36 AM me: having been 25 when he was kidnapped and put in stasis



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