Magara Bruce

Babylonian physical therapist and nutrionist, helped Hideo at Saijo Inari initially


a strong presence coming
8:35 AM It would feel neither black, nor white, nor like light, nor red or green. It would be silver
a tall man walking behind him(Chen)
He would have strong western features, but with intense green eyes and black hair that was glossy and wavy
His skin is pale white, similar to how Emersons was
Hideo could guess he was of some sort of UK decent
he would seem to fit the description of Handsome rather then Emerson’s strange/refined victorian
8:38 AM He would feel like he was of an older stock
He would try a somehow clumsy and still stately attempt at a greeting bow
He’s like…6’5", but not willowy. He is just thin and lean muscled.
His chi would look like medieval playe armour, but elaborate and whorled with dragon crests and horns
There is also some strangeness to it like the unicorn tapestries have been overlayed as textures over the surface of it like Gankutsuou

“My mother was a archeologist here on Earth, and my father was a anthropologist and linguist. They didn’t even use many of their genes. THey just wanted to use genes harvested from old tombs and artifacts from museums. They wanted a piece of history alive again. "

29 years old

Hideo’s initial thoughts on Magara:

HIdeo was at the time, still possessed by some of the black of Orochi –
My waking hours are to be battling this man, as I battled amakusa. he will force me to be well.
[[intricate. the complexity is appealing. vines and tails that wrap in on themself, around slender white legs and flowers. why do you wear horns, sir?]]
Magara’s chi would feel cold and still like armour, as if it was made from the surface of a mirror-lake’s metal, and just as clean. It woudl feel at once blessedly and cursedly clean.
9:21 AM There would be some urge in Hideo’s mind to take that cleanliness and see it stained

Magara Bruce

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