Justin Courant

Babylonian Doctor, Mars politico and Heir shareholder to Infrasoft



After the World War III Microsoft and IBM merged forming Infrasoft. It has been a major power in the research and development of human technologies both hardware and software. Their studies into bioware have been limited to interface tech only, never into synthetic life developments. Lifetech’s supremacy in that field was deemed to advanced to attempt competition, and too lucrative to exploit by providing parts and pieces to that industry.

It’s all Greek to me…

Justin has a love of all things Rome and Greece. He speaks both languages, ancient and modern, fluently as well as reading and writing, has studied culture, history, philosophy and politics in regards to all of the above. The institution of pederasty does not bother him as an aspect of that culture. He has memorized large collections of favored poetics, including most of the works of Gaius Valerius Catullus. “9” in specific, he had intended to recite to his semi-lover and best friend, Sean Proctor:

“Verani, omnibus e meis amicis
antistans mihi millibus trecentis,
venistine domum ad tuos penates
fratresque unanimos anumque matrem?
Venisti. O mihi nuntii beati!
Visam te incolumem audiamque Hiberum
narrantem loca, facta, nationes,
ut mos est tuus applicansque collum
iucundum os oculosque suaviabor?
O quantum est hominum beatiorem,
quid me laetius est beatiusvne?”

“Veranius, surpassing all my friend
/ in my eyes by three hundred thousand times
/ have you come to your home, household gods,
/ loving brothers, and old mother?
/ You have come! O blissful news for me!
/ Will I see you unharmed and will hear you
/ Telling of the places, deeds and tribes of the Spanish
/ as is your custom, and drawing your pleasant neck close
/ will I kiss your eyes and mouth?
/ O what number is there of happy men
/ that is happier or more blissful then I? "

Justin Courant

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