Yuuki Hideo

thinks he's Date Masamune


Hideo Yuuki / Mencius

Alignment: CG Race: Human Class: Weekend Warrior

Level 9 EXP: 375,000

Family: Youkai, chilluns, Atsu
Religion: Buddhist/Shinto+

Sex: M Age: 27 Social Class: Ronin, Undercity Lord, Mars Most Wanted, Cave Warmer

Ht: 5’10" (used to be 5’6” before modification) Wt: 130 (used to be 100 before modification)
Hair: Black, Eyes: brown

Stam/Musc 18/18 wght allow 110 max 255 att/dmg +1 / +3 Door 11 bblg 16%

Aim/Bal 14/16 React: +1 Def: -2

Heal/Fit 10/14 sys shock: 70% Res: 92%

Rea/Kno 13/17

Intu/Wil 14/18 Mag Def: +4

Lead/App 16/18 Max Hench 8 Loyalty Base +4 React Adj +7

AC: 8 (5 light armor) Thaco: katana 7, anything else 9

Base HP: 78 Current HP: 20 (very burned after cherubim fight)

Katana #att (3/2) att/dmg +2/ +5 -one handed 1d10/1d12 two handed 2d6/ 2d6 (chi katana acts the same, but it does chi damage rather than physical, so he can’t cut down, say, a door)

Attack patterns
2/3 – two weapons with no katana
3/4 – two weapon and specialization katana
2/3 – just the katana

Orochi’s Claws – nano katana and wakizashi from Emmerson. Katana is blessed by Kakumei, to do what, not sure. But now it can’t hurt him.

Wakizashi #att (3/2) att /dmg 0/ +3 1d8 / 1d8 (blessed wakizashi always does at least 1 point of damage if he hits and can hit magical/hightech creatures)

Tanto…not sure what happened to it.

Weapon Profs: Weapon Group Oriental Swords, Weapon of Choice Katana +1 att

Two Weapon, Weapon Specialization Katana 1/2

Weapon Mastery (4CP set aside)

Traits: supervisor mmmmkay, war machines, attack bonus +1, HP d12, Infravision 60’, precise memory, ambidexterity

Saving throws:

paralyz/poison/death: 10+

rod/staff/wand: 12+

pet/poly: 11+

breath: 12+


Disadvantages: powerful enemy, phobia of water (severe), waaa he’s not blind anymore ;_;

Nonweapon Profs: Driving (14), EE (9), Hacking (5), Programming (9), Chi (13), Politics (13 – Reason), Shinto A-go-go (6 – Intuition), Don Juan / In the Pants (12 – intuition / knowledge)

Rules for Chi:
Wisdom = Chi Points 16
Feats low cost 1 pt, medium 2, high 3
When these reach 0, he is exhausted
He can only regain Chi Points by meditating, 8 hours gain 1 point (not consecutive)

Current Chi Points: 13
Current Meditation: 5


Long ago there was a warlord who wanted to be shogun. His dream was not fulfilled in his life, and he died full of regret, hanging on a tree of swords and tormented by Asuras until his soul was clean.

Reborn into twenty-third century Tohoku, he grew up in a poor sake-brewing family, but his ambition was still great. This time he dreamed of attending college on Mars and becoming a great programmer. He managed to get his father to disown him, and he went to Mars anyway, but his programming was never that good. He seemed destined to be a salaryman of no renown.

When his best friend Shinji was kidnapped by his own company Setsuna to be used for cybernetics experimentation, Hideo became a warrior. In time, he became the leader of a revolutionary war to earn human status for cyborgs as well as Babylonians, ideal humans, the result of advances in eugenics.

Now he is an undercity lord set on destroying Lifetech, the most powerful corporate entity of this age. His friends are uncertain. Does he want to create a better world for cyborgs and humans…or does he just want to be shogun again?

Yuuki Hideo

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