Glass Crow


introduced 1/08/07


He’s thin in build, wearing a t shirt with an advertisement of the trix rabbit on his hands a knees beneath a dom with the big, friendly block letters above the dom/prostitute proclaiming : “Tricks are for kids!”
10:39 PM His hands a a blur the way shinji’s used to be, and look to be entirely organic. one of his eyes, which has a jack into it, very obviously isn’t. He also has a bio jack in his spine
10:40 PM Sarah: He’d wonder if Shinji had ever heard of him or knew him. He’d wonder if they could trust him. And he’d probably glance at his ass to see if it was cute.
10:41 PM me: lol, it would seem to be small, and undeveloped….much like zachary’s

“My expertise lies more with acquisitions.”

Glass Crow

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