Caesarian Kilkenny

Proconsul of Ishtar




A rich, slightly graveled voice
He is older, maybe 48, with clear, flawless skin that is faintly translucent from never being outside, full lips, once Irish green eyes that are now clouded silver/white in blindness and short cropped spikey white/silver hair grown out to just the length necessary to begin pulling it into a bouf of a ponytail.

He’s never been to Ireland, born “On the Cornwall satellite, actually, it orbits Mars.”

He worked for Lifetech originally, became disillusioned and left to the Gilgamesh Group that went on to become Ishtar Technologies. He is a cybernetics and biotech expert, and has kept up on field practice, research and development in his fields for the company. He is also a skilled medical doctor and professor. He has sat on the ruling council of Babylonian Interests since the start of the war, then was elected/took over forcibly as the first Proconsul during power restructuring.

My parents were both doctors. My father was a doctor for appearances…burn victims, women who had been attacked and raped….he learned special medicine to learn make them look….as they had been before they were maimed. My mother was a cybernetics doctor.

Caesarian Kilkenny

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