Necropolis Project - subject 0001 of Ishtar Technologies branch research


" Is there a point to persuing this? It doesn’t matter if I’m Monogamous, polygamous, or supercalafrajalous. I’m a corpse. Corpses aren’t vampires. Corpses aren’t magical. Corpses don’t have erections, running bodyfluids, or one night stands. Get your head out of the clouds of testosterone of lust and fantasy. If you’re rutting go find Wyvern. I need neither confident nor matchmaker. I need to find the Proconsul. He is pure, and he is Blind. And there are predators your ilk and others afoot."


First successful application of the Necropolis research to an adult body (3628), utilizing auxiliary research from Setsuna Corp.’s Jehovas Apple hormonal development and mediation device pioneered in the Incubus Prototype (released 3627).


どくがんりゅう の 軍記物語 Nalga Nalga